Assignment 2 (Part 1) Exploratory Study – Diary Guidelines


As part of our exploratory study, we had to identify participants to observe and understand their relationship with Tiffany & Co. We selected 5 unique individuals hailing from different walks of life and captured moments of their uninhibited selves in an uncontrolled environment/setting. From this activity, we aim to discover their lifestyles, values and beliefs. We understood that the participants did not have to be a product user/brand follower of Tiffany & Co.

The following participants our team has selected:

The Affluent Self-Buyer (20 – 35 Years Old)

  • Male: “Elysius” (an alias, as the user wanted his identity to be kept anonymous)
  • Female: Felicia

Gift-Givers and Gift-Receivers

  • Male: Byron, The Gift Giver
  • Female: Ashley, The Gift Receiver
  • Male: Aaron, The Gift Giver

To make your reading experience a convenient and interesting one, we formatted our assignment into a storybook – consisting of Volumes I to V, each entailing a different component…

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